Step into Your Power

Coaching Program

A self-discovery journey to connect with your inner power and fill your life with confidence and joy.

This program is for you if you…

Don’t feel confident enough

You avoid making decisions that are aligned with your values because you are afraid that if you do, people will criticise, judge or reject you.

Try to please everyone else

You feel like you’re living according to someone else’s expectations, trying to keep everyone happy but yourself.

Tend to get stuck in…

Toxic relationships, jobs where you are not valued or draining friendships. You struggle to value yourself and set boundaries.

Feel overwhelmed by your emotions

Sometimes you feel angry, sad or scared and not only you don’t understand why but you don’t know what to do with them.

Feel demotivated and unfulfilled

You have lost motivation to improve your life, feel unfulfilled or powerless with no clear direction.

Don’t know how to reach you highest potential

You want to get rid of old patterns and behaviours that are no longer serving you to unleash your inner power and live the life you’ve always wanted.

With this program, you will...


You will gain clarity about what a meaningful and fulfilling life means to you. You will start a process of self-discovery to understand your values, remove all the layers and get to know your true self. You will get a sense of purpose and deep motivation.

Connect with Your Inner Power

You will feel empowered to make decisions that will bring you joy and success. You will learn how to speak your truth effortlessly, with confidence and joy. Discover the secrets to embrace and OWN who you are.

Master Your Self-Confidence

Discover how to nurture and love yourself so much you won’t give a sh*t about what others think about you. You will learn how to connect with the wisest, most confident version of yourself whenever you need it.


You will value and honour yourself so much that you will only allow into your life the people and situations you deserve. Finally find a loving and caring partner, enjoy truly nurturing and loving relationships or smash your next career move.

Emotional well-being

Learn to embrace and be at ease with your emotions, enjoying a sense of deep inner peace. Discover the secrets to stick to new healthy and beneficial habits and learn to use your feminine cycle to optimise your performance. (Yep, not only it's possible it is a real game changer!)

Lasting changes

We will work at a deep level to understand the beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving you. We will work on the root of any potential blocks holding you back so the changes are effective and long-lasting.

What does the program include?





Program content – What we will work on

A New You

I will guide you in a self-discovery process, so you can  understand what’s going on for you at a deep level. I’ll help you get clarity on what your values are. You will connect with your true self – the one you want to become, not the one that others expect you to be. We will define a plan with your new goals and the things you want to achieve.

New Habits

What habits are getting you closer to your goals? Which ones are draining you and distracting you from your priorities? We will define a new list of habits and activities to add to your routine that will help you keep the right mindset. Accountability is key! I’ll help you stay motivated and on track.

Beliefs system

Beliefs are like “programs” installed in our minds. They determine the way we feel and behave. They can be our best allies or our worst enemies. Identify which beliefs are stopping you from succeeding and replace them with positive and empowering messages.


Embracing your femininity

During the program, I will help you not only to embrace your femininity but to understand your cycle so you can use it to optimise your performance and happiness. Trust me, this a real game changer. Get ready to feel truly empowered as a woman and discover super powers you didn’t know you had.


Letting go

It is time to “make space” for new experiences and let go of what you no longer need. It is really important to let go and close unresolved chapters in your life so you can start moving forward.

Empowerment & Confidence

You will discover many simple yet powerful tools to get your confidence back and connect with the wisest version of yourself every time you need it. Learn to switch from anger, fear and sadness to power, love and joy.

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