The Feminine Way


Fill Your Life with Joy & Fulfilment by Tuning into the Wisdom of Your Feminine Nature.

Many women feel unhappy, lost, confused and live their lives completely disconnected from themselves.

At some point, we got caught in the rat race, learnt that we had to please everyone else without complaining and switched from thriving (our natural state) to surviving ( a modern life trap).

This is not how we are meant to live.

We are supposed to flourish, grow and follow our purpose, and it is totally possible to feel fulfilled and at ease.

When you stop and decide to take responsibility for your life, you realise that all the power you need to create the life you want lies within you. You just need to awaken it.

As women, we will never be completely fulfilled until we live in harmony with what makes us unique: our femininity.

Our cycle offers us an unlimited source of wisdom and inner power but no one teaches us how to use it!

My own experience is one of fighting and repressing my femininity like it were something bad or unimportant. Only when I looked inside, healed my wounds and let go of what wasn’t serving me, I was able to connect with my true self, my intuition, my power. I started to create the life I truly wanted to live, aligned with my purpose and higher self.

Understanding my cyclical nature and living in harmony with it was key in my journey to empowerment. Not only my cycle wasn’t a burden anymore, it became my most powerful tool for self-development  and well-being.

Every woman should know how to do this!

This is what I teach in my coaching sessions. I will give you all the tools you need while guiding and empowering you through the process.

Join me in a self-discovery journey to awaken your inner power and fill your life with fulfilment, joy and well-being.

Ready to Unleash Your Inner Power?

My online programs and 1:1 sessions are a combination of coaching, therapy and mentoring. Join me in a self-discovery journey with all the tools you need to connect with your inner power and fill your life with confidence and joy.

What you can expect
when you work with me


All my content is based upon years of experience and training as a Humanistic Integrative Therapist and Personal and Corporate Coach. Unlike other coaches, I have deep knowledge about how we develop our beliefs system, how to heal our inner child and how the feminine cycle works and how it makes us unique. This is not superficial coaching, we will go deep to the root so you can achieve ling-lasting changes.


I will give you personalised tools and exercises to use between sessions and anytime you need them in the future. The tools I share are simple but powerful, and they will be tailored to your needs and circumstances. You will learn incredibly useful resources for your personal development and empowerment journey!


We are different to men. Not better, not worse, just different. Our cyclical nature make us very special, but not many people understand why we need to be in harmony with it. Not understanding this “missing link” can lead to frustration and distress (physical and emotional). I’ve studied from ancient traditions to modern theories on how to embrace our femininity and use our cycle to optimise our fulfillment and well-being. Expect a radical mindset shift when you start learning about what femininity is actually about!


I know it’s not easy to talk about your life with someone you don’t know. Trust me I’ve had many coaches and therapists, I know how you feel! I will make sure you feel comfortable, understood and taken care of. All my clients say they love my fresh and empowering energy, I’m here to motivate, and support through your journey to empowerment!

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